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Step 1. Drag your PNG file to preview pane (sample PNG file available here).

After importing your image, Super Vectorizer automatically works and will complete in seconds. The information bar can tell you specific progress.

Step 2. Check the result

The SVG (scalable vector graphics) format is very popular among graphic designers, as it offers many benefits, such as support for animation and interactivity, scalability and resolution independence.

However, it cannot be used in many situations, so it is often necessary to convert these files to other, more popular formats. SVG Converter is a tool designed for this very purpose, and it can export images to PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000 or TIFF.

Streamlined app that supports drag and drop, thus ensuring files can be imported with minimal effort

Once SVG Converter is launched, you can drop files onto the main app window or the Dock icon to open them. If you need to convert images on a regular basis, you can just keep the app in your Dock, drop the files onto the icon, process them, close the app and get on with your work.

Unfortunately, however, it does not offer a batch conversion mode, which would have been useful for processing a large number of files that do not need to be edited.

Eliminate unnecessary content from your images by cropping the unused canvas area

After opening an SVG file, the image will be displayed with a blue rectangle around it, usually larger than the actual picture. This area represents the entire canvas, but you can crop the unnecessary areas until you are left with the content you want to export.

To get a better idea of the size of the canvas, the application can highlight the area using a white background.

Because some elements in the image may be difficult to distinguish against the bright background, SVG Converter allows you to switch to a darker one, so you can crop the picture more accurately.

Handy tool that can export SVF files to several popular image and document formats

When it comes to saving the edited file, SVG Converter allows you to configure certain quality settings, depending on the output format. These include compression level, resolution, DPI and whether or not transparent areas should be saved as such.

To conclude, SVG Converter is a straightforward tool for converting SVG files to PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000 and TIFF. It is easy-to-use and allows you to crop the unneeded canvas area before exporting content.

SVG Converter for Mac

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